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The WTA Mutua Madrid Open is live and available to watch and bet on tennis online.

The WTA Madrid Open is one of only four premier level events, and as such is one of the most eagerly anticipated competitions on the circuit. Having begun in 1996, the tournament has quickly become incredibly popular, and is attended by the world’s best year-in-year-out.

The competition is hosted in ‘The Magic Box’, a tennis facility that was opened in 2009. The facility boasts three major courts with retractable roofs. The centre court seats, 12,500, Court 2 holds 3,500, and Court 3 can fit 2,500.

Never afraid to court some controversy, the Madrid tournamnt owner Ion Tiriac, and organisers have come up with a number of ways to spark interest in the event from Maria from Maria Sharapova’s service speed competition against the motorbike of Fonsi Nieto, to the ‘Underground Tennis’ match between Caroline Wozniacki and Elena Dementieva on the tracks of one of Madrid’s busiest Metro Stations.

On top of that we’ve also seen models employed as ball boys and ball girls, and perhaps the most notorious decision was the introduction of blue clay in 2012, which was first in the WTA history, but it was unpopular with players and was shortlived.

Now back to the more traditional red clay, the Premier event will attract the world’s best players into the draw, as crucial preparation for the forthcoming French Open.

To watch and bet on the Mutua Madrid Open, simply open a free account with one of our fully licensed live streaming partners, such as bet365. Once registered, to access the live feed, go to bet365 > live streaming tennis.

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