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Nadal hoping for Davis Cup return

Ian Horne in Tennis News 18 Aug 2012
KEY BISCAYNE, FL - MARCH 28: Rafael Nadal in Miami this season. (credit: Mike Ehrmann/AFP/Getty Images)

Though he won’t be rushed back from injury, Rafael Nadal is hoping for a return to action in the Davis Cup semi-finals

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Rafael Nadal has been making it clear over the last few days that he wants to take part in Spain’s Davis Cup clash against the United States. The Spaniard has been struggling with knee problems in recent months and as yet it’s unclear when he’ll be fit to get back on court in time.

It was announced on Friday that Nadal has Hoffa’s Syndrome in his left knee. This has gotten worse since Nadal first noticed the pain that forced him to withdraw from February’s Sony Ericsson Open. The injury is not to be confused with the patellar tendonitis that plagued him earlier in his career.

“It’s something different and I think that is a positive thing because my tendons are much better than they were three years ago,” said Nadal on Friday. “I was managing it until Roland Garros, but afterwards the pain worsened considerably. The season was very hard from Indian Wells to Roland Garros; I played all the matches I could with very good results.”

“The most important thing is to recover well and at this point in time, my knee is not ready to compete in a Grand Slam. I’m going to try to recover as soon as I can, to get to a level where I am able to return with good feelings, and with the ability to compete and train the best I can.”

“What makes me happy is feeling that when I compete, I have the chance to win. I’m going to do everything possible to get fit in time. If the captain picks me, it would be my dream to be there.”

Spain have a strong team but would benefit a lot from the inclusion of Nadal. The world No. 3 could make the difference between success and failure as the American side are unlikely to find someone who can beat him.

For any concerned Rafa fans, Hoffa’s Syndrome is also known as fat pad impingement. It occurs when fatty soft tissue is pinched between the patella tendon and the end of the shin bone. This is known to be very painful. In extreme cases surgery can be required to resolve this problem, though conventional and straightforward remedies, such as resting, the application of ice, physio and muscle strengthening exercises, are usually sufficient.

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Nadal hoping for Davis Cup return

Though he won’t be rushed back from injury, Rafael Nadal is hoping for a return to action in the Davis Cup semi-finals

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